Zappos Creates a Motivating Culture


The minute you arrive at Zappos you feel like Royalty.

I’ve read that Zappos corporate culture is one to definitely envy, but I never realized how its management style and customer care procedures are game-changing.

I found out firsthand what Zappos was all about last week when I embarked on the Zappos Insights Tour at its Las Vegas headquarters. What I found inside was surprising. First off, when I attend concerts or go to Disneyland, I’m always told not to shoot video or flash photography. At Zappos, they encouraged us to video tape anything that we saw or was said. No only do they have a no-doors policy (they have no offices), but they believe in 100 percent transparency.  And that’s not all.

In order to keep this blog as short as possible, I’m going to list some of Zappos’ unbelievable attributes.

  • There is an employee who is known as the “Goals Coach.” Her responsibilities include meeting with employees and holding them accountable for a personal goal that they want to achieve for 30 days like learning spanish or kickboxing.
  • They believe in a personal and emotional connection with customers. And the people handling customer service do not use a script for as they say “you can’t script a conversation!” This was my favorite communication take-away.
  • All merchandise is photographed on a humans, not mannequins. That way the consumer can truly see how the dress looks like as a true size 8.
  • Every order received is packaged and sent within two hours if the items are in the warehouse which is located in Kentucky, right next to UPS’ main hub.
  • Staff are encouraged daily to send thank you’s to customers that they want to acknowledge in some way. They can send a card, a cookie basket or flowers to any customer of their choosing. They also can tape a video singing Happy Birthday to a Zappos consumer. Who wouldn’t love that special attention.
  • Executives do not have flashy titles nor offices and sit in cubicles right between the entire staff. Employees can talk to them at anytime for they don’t have a “closed-door policy.
  • Since the company is 24/7, they offer food in the cafeteria and drinks non-stop.  Also, if you get a bit sleepy and can’t drive home, there’s a room where you can take a nap.
  • Even though as you walk the floor it appears that people are just having fun and chatting with other workers, but there is work being done. This fun atmosphere motivates others to do the best they can for they love their company.
  • The benefits are top-notch and Zappos pays all medical monthly dues for the employee. They also offer adoption perks among many others.

If you are fortunate to work at Zappos, it’s hard to leave. What other company would offer this much ‘happiness’ on the job? In fact, Zappos will pay brand-new employees $2,000 to quit…but they don’t. Why? Because Zappos is the “Best Company to Work For!”

Want an inside peek as to what I saw? Here’s a brief video that captures some of the Zappos culture. I hope you enjoy it.

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10 thoughts on “Zappos Creates a Motivating Culture

  1. What a fabulous place to work! As a former CSR Manager, I can’t tell you how much I agree with one of their thoughts…. “you can’t script a conversation!” That is so very very true. Thanks for sharing your great adventure.

  2. Lucky you, Cindy! Thanks for sharing the highlights of your Zappos tour. Very interesting takeaways. I’ve never been a Zappos customer (yet!), but have heard nothing but great things about them. They’ve also been cited in numerous marketing books as an example of a company that really “gets” customer service.

  3. Cindy – thanks for sharing your experience – I ordered my first pair of shoes from Zappos over a year ago – the coolest thing is that on the 1 year anniversary they notified me that I was now part of their Loyalty club (ok can’t remember the name) but my whole experience from easy ordering to ongoing contact makes me admire and appreciate their culture. I worked for IBM in the glory days and theirs nothing like a culture focused around the people and clients that makes it a great place to work and do business with – kudos to Zappos ;D

  4. Thanks for the great outline, Cindy! I hope to visit the Zappos headquarters next time I go to Vegas. I’ve heard wonderful things about them, and about the book Tony Hsish wrote, “Delivering Happiness.”

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