Vision Casting for 2010/Review of 2009


People are accustom to starting out the new year with resolutions. They are a common happenstance of life. So this year as you contemplate what you would like to achieve in 2010, I’d like you to think a bit deeper and consider making a vision board of what you hope to achieve in the next upcoming 365 day period.

This is my third year making a vision board and each year upon review, I am amazed at how much I have actually achieved.  The way I use the vision board isn’t as a religious experience.  I don’t believe that it has magical powers or anything, but it does help me think in advance of the person I would like to be, if possible through the next year.  It helps me set goals and dream about what I hope for in the coming year and some crazy things have come true such as putting down I’d like to be kissed and having that come true after an incredible dry spell. Or last year putting down that I’d like to make money every month in 2009 even though I was unemployed at the time. That came true. I got a full-time job in January and did make money every month last year.

Here’s a photo of my vision board from 2009.

Just About Everything Came True with my 2009 Vision Board

How did I do?

2009 Vision Board Report Card

Overall theme: Everything Mighty Fine in 2009        Grade: B
Try to Keep Positive    Grade: B
Seek God   Grade: A
Trust God        Grade: B
Head up the office out of the office        Grade: B
Emmys (worked them)    Grade: A
Quality time with Mom    Grade: A
Special someone    Grade: A
Add video    Grade: B
Learning I can love    Grade: A
Create something great        Grade: B
Give the gift of happiness            Grade: C
Reunion    Grade: A
Blogworld Conference    Grade: A
Tennis/Curling    Grade: A
Blogs    Grade: A
Old friends play a major part in my life    Grade: A
Believe in myself and my abilities    Grade: B
Make money every month    Grade: A
Receive an engagement ring                Grade: D
Pamper myself            Grade: C
Moments of fun and flirtiness            Grade: B
Going with the flow        Grade: B+
Find a job    Grade: A
Trip to Italy                Grade: D
Embrace the future        Grade: B
Love more        Grade: B

As my report card reflects, I had a very good year living out my vision for the new year. As I look back at December 29, 2008, I had no idea that I would be employed for 11 months nor that I would have had a relationship with someone I thought was virtually impossible.  I also am surprised that I did grow in my trust in God and that old friends did become a major part of my life.

Although, I do have to admit that some things that didn’t pan out. I didn’t get an engagement ring. That was something way out there I have to admit and I didn’t travel to Italy or anyplace exotic.  But, I did have a trip to see family in Minnesota that was unexpected.  I did have moments to be flirty. I did learn more about technology.  I did learn more about myself in the area of love and being loving.  I did become less controlling of events and learn to go with the flow.

All in all, it was a good year and I can’t wait to start to put together my vision board for next year, hopefully tonight. I will blog about my vision for next year in a subsequent blog. I  can give you a preview though, I will have some similar visions, but there will be a major shift in my wants and desires from some of the maturing process I achieved through last year.

Pretty cool stuff. I do hope you consider making a board for yourself.  Also, if you did make one last year, how did your’s turn out.  Tell us about it, okay.

The next time you see me I’ll be on the floor cutting up every magazine and newspaper in sight.

Until next time,


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3 thoughts on “Vision Casting for 2010/Review of 2009

  1. You are an inspiration! I doodled a little vision board upon your suggestion last year. I need to find it and check it. I stored it somewhere. I’ll do another for 2010. I appreciate you sharing your results. Keep us posted.

  2. Cindi,
    Oh do try and find your vision board from last year. I’d love to hear how your results turn out. It would be very interesting to see how it applied to your creative and inspirational life.
    Happy New Year,

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