Why the US Olympic Curling Coach is Participating in the Sin Sity Spiel

Nick Kitinski, Sin Sity Spiel Commissioner, and I could not be more thrilled to announce that the USCA’s Project 2018 Men’s National Curling Coach Phill Drobnick is participating in the first inaugural Sin Sity Spiel.  Nick and I were able to catch up with Coach Phill today fresh off a win at the Fort Wayne Summer Spiel and in this interview you’ll learn more about him, his position and why he’s coming to Vegas. And if you feel you’d like to hear more from “The Coach” you can for we will sharing Part 2 of our interview in a couple of days.

Sit back and enjoy these 10 minutes with one of the nicest people on this earth. If you are coming to the Spiel be sure to spend some time with this exceptional curler, instructor and coach. If you would like to follow Phill on twitter, you can find him @coachphill.

Good Curling Cindy


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