Fishing is a lot like PR

A big catch always makes your Day in PR.

While watching Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch” it dawned on me how fishing for king crab is a lot like pitching for media coverage. The similarities are astounding so much so–that I’m wondering now if I should start calling myself a fisher-person instead of a publicist. I’m not talking about sport fishing here. I’m talking about those individuals whose livelihood is bringing in big catches. Like us publicists, we receive our earnings too by the success of our takes.


Think this is a laughing matter (wink, wink), just take a look at these occupational comparisons.

  • Fishermen use charts to find fish; publicists use media plans
  • Fishermen often go off of instinct to find fish; so do publicists as to who might like the story.
  • Fishermen need the right bait to catch particular fish; publicist must make sure that their pitch is news-worthy and right for that publication.
  • Fishermen can go through spurts without big hauls; the same is true for publicists.
  • Sometimes fisherman must play a waiting game for the fish to surface; ditto in the publicity realm.
  • Fisherman have to release smaller fish at times: publicists sometimes have to do they same in order to gain a keeper-a larger hit.

I could go on and on with the comparisons, and I did! Just take a look at this tongue in cheek PR fishing video below that I filmed last night.  (Note to self: Don’t ever use a magnet when fishing out of a metal pail. Boy that was dumb! lol)

Also, I must warn you – if you are ever trying to reach me and I’d don’t answer – now you’ll know why. I’ve gone PR fishing!

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

I couldn't resist including this photo of me when I hiked Beverly Hills' Franklin Canyon Park. Behind me is the shooting location for the opening of "The Andy Griffith Show."


THE CABLE SHOW – Here I Come As a Blogger!

Look for Reports on all the action at THE CABLE SHOW here at

Next week I will be reporting from THE CABLE SHOW – the cable industry’s annual convention sponsored by the NCTA.  The conference rotates every year and this year it’s in our backyard – Los Angeles.  I couldn’t be more thrilled to rub elbows with my fellow members of the press and former cable colleagues again next week – it’s been too long.

I plan on reporting every day – Monday through Friday – regarding observations while at the conference.  I don’t quite yet know what I will report on – I will present some serious topics like net neutrality, but I’ll also cover the nightlife, like the Battle of Bands, where industry folk play for fun to raise money for charity.

Welcome to LA all Cable Executives

I must say it has been a different experience for so far as a working member of the press.  It’s been great to observe how other cable networks send out messages and alerts regarding their events.  I was usually the one messaging the media before.  So it’s been great to observe and learn.

Since this is my first time as member of the media, I’m open to any suggestions you may have.  If you would like me to cover a certain session or topic or ask particular questions…just let me know.  I’m an open book and will be trying to absorb as much information as I can next week.  Click here to see the week’s schedule of events.

Right now, I’m looking for some new comfortable shoes to wear…I’ll be doing a lot of walking while towing my electronic devices.

Here’s to a great week…starting Monday.

Your PR Cable Connector,


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