How To Land the Right Job After College

Grads: The World is at Your Feet...Copyright All rights reserved by Albert Kenyani Inima

The headline of “How To Land the Right Job After College” may be a bit loaded I know. Landing jobs are difficult for everyone, no matter when you graduated or will graduate. But, I do feel that recent college grads and soon to be college grads can get hired in the positions that they have always dreamed about.  By following a few of these suggestions below, any aspiring employee can get closer to the job of their choice or at least assist in job search.

How do I know? What makes me an expert on this topic?

I’m no job education expert, but I am an experienced executive who has worked at major corporations. I also am skilled in job search, due to a professional program I recently attended thanks to a former employer.  And I often speak at local colleges, so I do have a sense about what college students are feeling these days.  So for those reasons and those reasons alone, I strongly suggest you read on and heed some of my sage advice in this matter.  Here we go.


(1) When asked what type of job you are looking for..NEVER NEVER NEVER answer this way: “I’ll take anything really, I just need a job.” This is a wrong answer. Go immediately to Point No. 2.

(2). Did you know that 97 percent of all jobs are acquired through networking and people you know? That’s a true fact.  Therefore, if you don’t know what kind of job you want or what company you would like to work for…people like me can’t help you. I have no idea what you majored in or what your passions are. This answer hurts you more than it can ever help you. Never be vague. At least give us something to work with…

Some things that you could say if you aren’t preciously sure of what you are looking are answers like these…”I’m interested in an entry-level position at a national hotel chain (insert area here) and I would like to stay in this area.”  Or “I would like to work for a mortgage company and I will relocate for the best opportunity.” Or “I interested in pursuing a career in the action sports industry. I’d like to work in marketing and promote apparel lines and will relocate if necessary.”

Can you see how these answers are a major improvement? It helps give people a better sense of how they can help you. And people really want to help you. Heck, in this tight economy, everyone knows that we need to help each other.  It’s a given.

(3.) Now that you know what kind of position you want, you need to ask everyone and anyone to help you connect with the right companies and the right people who can hire you.  In job search, shyness isn’t allowed. You’ve got to overcome your job fright. Never be embarrassed when you meet people to immediately ask them if they know anyone in the area of your job search.  This applies to your parent’s friends who come over, your teachers, your pastors, your music teacher, your grocery clerk, your bank teller and your doorman. Heck, even ask people you meet in the elevator. Well, that may be a bit too much, but heck how can it hurt. You have to solicit for your job. I mean I’m constantly having my door bell rung with kids asking me to buy cookies, magazine subscriptions, or wrapping paper to support their school drives. If you could do it then, you can do it now. Say hello and then go into your job spiel…Hi I’m So and So. I’m graduating this month and I am looking for a position in organic farming. Do you know anyone in that field that I could talk to?  Again, don’t be shy. Heck, email me and ask me for help. I’m now a connection for you. Ask people on your Facebook page. Put it out there. We’re here to help.

(4.) If you’re still perplexed about what you want to do…stop right now for I have some homework for you. Write down the five companies where you would like to work. Remember once you get hired, that company is going to grab 40 or more hours of your time a week, so why not work at a company you actually want to work for! Try to work at those companies first.

And then add those companies to your job speech…”Hi I’m a recent graduate of BLANK and I’ve majored in engineering. I am looking for an entry-level position at one of these companies GE, Boeing, Apple, Microsoft or Northrup. Do you know anyone at one of these companies? And if so, would you mind contacting them on my behalf?”

You Should Feel Like A Winner When You Land Your Job

(5.) Be confident and don’t be desperate. You’re in charge of your destiny and your search. You do not have to take any job that comes around. First go after the companies on your target list. Do it. I don’t want you to wake up one morning and regret that you never worked at Facebook. You don’t know until you try. And once you get hired…remember to keep networking for you need to always be ready for your next great job…even if that’s a promotion at the same company.

So go get that job of your dreams. Or least one that is a close match. You have invested a great deal of time and money into yourself going after that college education. 

That’s why you deserve to work at a company that you want as well one that wants you.

If you ever need any encouragement, please contact me. I’d love to pass on more words to help you feel like “Rocky.”


Love the Group of Students at Cal Poly Pomona and My Shirt! Thanks again.

(This post is in honor of all the students at Cal Poly Pomona. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know them over the last semester and from my time spent there, I surely feel our future is in good hands. Congrats Graduates and to everyone else I look forward to seeing you next year!)


About the Author: Cindy Ronzoni has spent the majority of her career in entertainment publicity at major corporations. She now wears an additional hat, that of, blogger. She blogs here and at her company’s website: Feel free to friend her up on Facebook and follow her on twitter. She has a soft spot in her heart for students and is a big supporter of PRSSA local chapters.


Fishing is a lot like PR

A big catch always makes your Day in PR.

While watching Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch” it dawned on me how fishing for king crab is a lot like pitching for media coverage. The similarities are astounding so much so–that I’m wondering now if I should start calling myself a fisher-person instead of a publicist. I’m not talking about sport fishing here. I’m talking about those individuals whose livelihood is bringing in big catches. Like us publicists, we receive our earnings too by the success of our takes.


Think this is a laughing matter (wink, wink), just take a look at these occupational comparisons.

  • Fishermen use charts to find fish; publicists use media plans
  • Fishermen often go off of instinct to find fish; so do publicists as to who might like the story.
  • Fishermen need the right bait to catch particular fish; publicist must make sure that their pitch is news-worthy and right for that publication.
  • Fishermen can go through spurts without big hauls; the same is true for publicists.
  • Sometimes fisherman must play a waiting game for the fish to surface; ditto in the publicity realm.
  • Fisherman have to release smaller fish at times: publicists sometimes have to do they same in order to gain a keeper-a larger hit.

I could go on and on with the comparisons, and I did! Just take a look at this tongue in cheek PR fishing video below that I filmed last night.  (Note to self: Don’t ever use a magnet when fishing out of a metal pail. Boy that was dumb! lol)

Also, I must warn you – if you are ever trying to reach me and I’d don’t answer – now you’ll know why. I’ve gone PR fishing!

[youtube width="640" height="360"][/youtube]

I couldn't resist including this photo of me when I hiked Beverly Hills' Franklin Canyon Park. Behind me is the shooting location for the opening of "The Andy Griffith Show."


Editorial Oversight

This Man Gets Life's Priorities

I’m lovin’ what I’m hearing from Steve Jobs,  Apple Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer.   Speaking yesterday at Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital technology conference he was asked whether the iPad would be the holy grail for content creators.  Here’s how he replied.

“I don’t want to see us descend into a nation of bloggers…I think we need editorial oversight now more than ever.  Anything we can do to help newspapers find new ways of expression that will help them get paid, I am all for.” Source: Wall Street Journal, June 2, 2010

As am I, Mr. Jobs. Bravo. Succinctly put.  And I hope he and his team of innovative executives are working on a plan to move newspapers forward and out of the grasp of extinction.  Someone has to figure this out as well as that darn oil spill. It just baffles me that although man created that oil well, they can’t stop it from gushing.

Anyway I divert…but, I too grieve the loss of journalists, reporters, reviewers, editors, humorists, columnists and photographers from our society. The need for them is great. For if we take away their power of uncovering corruptness, greed, injustice…then who will? The local news? Local news is barely hanging on and assignment editors there will tell you the best source of story leads come from the local paper!

This just frustrates me so…but I’m glad to know that Steve Jobs understands the importance of editorial oversight too.  He’s someone that people listen to – he’s an influencer.  Me, I’m just a blogger with a soft spot for journalists.



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