A Sleek and Exciting 2011

I love the look and feel of these new Vizio products.

Isn’t the New Year exciting?

Yeah, I know it was tough getting back to work today, but man, with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and the Television Critics Association in Pasadena both starting Wednesday, the world will not be short on news and innovations. Talk about starting out the year with a bang!

During this morning’s read, the papers were full of digital and electronic announcements. I mean have you been noticing how Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Samsung, Verizon and AT&T are in the news every day. These companies are now being covered like the rest of the Fortune 100 businesses. Pretty fast movement, I’ll say…it just took Facebook a little over six years to become one of the hottest companies around.

As a voyeur of news trends, I also couldn’t help noticing over the holiday break how much mobile and ebooks were being discussed. Those topics and computer tablets pretty much controlled the space – that, and the rise and fall of consumer shopping. Oh and the weather too.


But, the best news that I believe that will be coming this year deals in the advancement of tablets and phones and their integration with flat screens. Today, Vizio gave us a sneak peek into their efforts with the announcement of its own Via tablet computer and Via Phone. What I like about what Vizio’s strategy is that each one of their devices will have the same look and feel. And better yet, they will be less expensive than the competition. Vizio so gets what consumers want. They want the latest electronic gadgets, but at affordable prices. They also want them to be user-friendly.

I mean my Apple computer has a different operating system than my DirecTV DVR and my Blackberry phone. Sure, I could buy Apple TV and an iPhone for integration, but there are reasons why I don’t. I am holding out for the day when Verizon offers an iPhone and then my Blackberry will be DOA.

I also like what Google is up to with its Android system. They too are making that system user-friendly and are working with numerous manufacturers to create universal operating devices. I like this approach a lot and am keeping eye on what Google is up to, especially when it comes to self-publishing.


I love that our electronic world is getting easier to use and understand.  That just helps out everyone. Remember the days of programming your VCR and how impossible that feat was?

As a news junkie, this week is like the Super Bowl with these two conferences in session.  If you want to be up to speed on what’s being developed for the next year and observe breaking trends and news makers, then here’s my advice to you. Be sure to follow the twitter streams for #CES and #TCA.  By doing so, you’ll know what to expect this year.

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. The energy is invigorating and full of hope and promise. I  hope you can feel it too.


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