Sony Movie Channel Recognized for its Website Digital Enhancements

Super proud of one of my client’s getting recognized by Cynopsis: Digital as being the website of the day! Go Sony Movie Channel!

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 10.15.46 AM

Here was the press release to go along with it.


App and Tablet-Friendly Digital Book Launch January 30


CULVER CITY, Calif., January 29, 2013 – Throughout the month of February, Sony Movie Channel (SMC) is featuring the early films of the Oscar® Award-winning actor Jack Nicholson, as part of its Friday Features franchise. Friday Features showcases blockbuster favorites, uncut and uncensored, starting at 10:00 PM E | 7:00 PM P every Friday night. The Nicholson salute features eight of his films from 1969 to 1975, including CHINATOWN and A SAFE PLACE, which hasn’t been broadcast in over a decade.

SMC is enhancing the experience of these priceless Nicholson gems by providing an interactive digital photo book of production stills and trivia from some of his early films, including CHINATOWN, DRIVE, HE SAID, EASY RIDER, THE FORTUNE, THE KING OF MARVIN GARDENS, THE LAST DETAIL, THE PASSENGER, THE TWO JAKES, FIVE EASY PIECES and A SAFE PLACE. The tablet-friendly photo album will be available on Sony Movie Channel’s website from Jan. 30 to Feb. 28 at

The Channel is also providing another bonus — a “Script to Screen Experience” Facebook application. The app is launching in conjunction with EASY RIDER and FIVE EASY PIECES, which kick off the Nicholson tribute on February 1. Users can visit Sony Movie Channel’s Facebook page ( starting Jan. 30 and “Like” it to view scenes pulled from the actual script alongside the corresponding clip from the movie. This interactive comparison includes two scenes from each movie, and will be available through the end of February. 

The complete Friday Features schedule for February includes: (All Times are Eastern)

  • ·       February 1 –

EASY RIDER (1969, dir. by Dennis Hopper – 10:00 PM & 1:25 AM) – EASY RIDER chronicles the search for freedom by two motorcycle-riding drifters who meet up with an alcoholic lawyer in a southern jail. Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson star.

FIVE EASY PIECES (1970, dir. by Bob Rafelson – 11:40 PM & 3:05 AM) – This film is about a restless musician who learns you can never go home again when he visits his family for the first time in three years. Jack Nicholson, Karen Black and Susan Anspach star.

  • ·       February 8 –

DRIVE HE SAID (1971, dir. by Jack Nicholson – 8:30 PM & 1:30 AM) – Nicholson’s directorial debut is about basketball, draft dodging and sleeping with professors’ wives. The longhaired star of an Ohio College Team, can’t decide if he wants to turn pro or join his radical roommate, in bringing about a revolution. In the meantime, he’s content to carry on an affair with a faculty wife. Karen Black, William Tepper, Bruce Dern, Henry Jaglom and Cindy Williams star.

THE KING OF MARVIN GARDENS (1972, dir. by Bob Rafelson- 10:00 PM & 3:10 AM) - Jason Staebler is a dreamer who asks his brother, a radio personality from Philadelphia to help him build a paradise on a Pacific Island – yet another of his get-rich-quick schemes. But luck is against them both and the game ends badly – real life reduced to radio drama. Jack Nicholson, Bruce Dern, Ellen Burstyn and Scatman Crothers star.

A SAFE PLACE (1971, dir. by Henry Jaglom – 11:50 PM & 5:00 AM) - When a woman finds the loneliness and isolation of the present too difficult, she slips into the comfort of her memories. Gwen Welles, Dov Lawrence, Orson Welles, Tuesday Weld, Jack Nicholson and Philip Proctor star.

 ·       February 15 –

CHINATOWN (1974, dir. by Roman Polanski – 7:45 PM & 12:00 AM) - In 1937, a Los Angeles private detective takes on a simple case and burrows into it until it leads to murder and public scandal. Faye Dunaway, John Huston, Jack Nicholson and Perry Lopez star.

THE LAST DETAIL (1973, dir. by Hal Ashby – 10:00 PM & 2:20 AM)Jack Nicholson stars as a Navy Chaser who decides to show his callow young prisoner (Randy Quaid) one last good time before delivering him to the brig. Screenplay by Robert Towne (Chinatown). Nicholson, Otis Young, Quaid, Clifton James and Carol Kane star.

  • ·       February 22 –

THE PASSENGER (1975, dir. by Michelangelo Antonioni – 7:45 PM & 11:30 PM) – A burned-out journalist assumes the identity of a dead man and embarks on a dangerous charade, including meetings with gun runners and an affair with a mysterious young woman. Jack Nicholson, Maria Schneider, Jenny Runacre, Ian Hendry and Steven Berkoff star.

THE FORTUNE (1975, dir. by Mike Nichols – 10:00 PM & 1:45 AM) – This hilarious comedy is about a pair of con artists who try to swindle a woman out of her family fortune. The two scoundrels mount several inept attempts to murder her but ultimately discover that the real treasure is not the money but the girl. Warren Beatty, Scatman Crothers, Stockard Channing and Jack Nicholson star.

In honor of the Academy Awards®, SMC is devoting its entire programming schedule on Sunday, February 24 to the male actor with the most Oscar® acting nominations ever – Jack Nicholson. The network plans to repeat the entire schedule of movies above and add in THE TWO JAKES for this marathon treat. For specific times, please visit SMC’s website at

In addition to Friday Features, SMC is profiling Academy Award®-recognized films throughout the month as well as movies that celebrate Black History Month. This and more is available from SMC in February, including giving football-averse viewers plenty of other options on February 3.

 About Sony Movie Channel

Sony Movie Channel is the first U.S. multi-platform television network from Sony Pictures Television created specifically for the Hollywood movie fan. Offering uncut and theatrical releases in stunning high definition, Sony Movie Channel showcases titles from Sony Pictures’ vast library including award-winning features, cult favorites, family comedies and gripping dramas. Programming is selected from more than 3,500 Sony Pictures films, which collectively have received 184 Academy Awards® including 12 for Best Picture. Sony Movie Channel is available on DISH Network, DIRECTV and AT&T U-Verse TV on linear as well as on authenticated VOD and online platforms. For more information, visit, Facebook and/or Twitter @SonyMovieCh.







Is Facebook ruining relationships?

Facebook is no Match for Dating Relationships

Relationships are hard enough these days, but now, thanks to Facebook being in the picture, they are almost impossible. Well, that’s the message I got when I was recently in the company of 20-somethings who are single. Many told me that they are closing down their pages for they’ve caused them too much unnecessary stress when dating. They said that once they’ve gone on a date and heaven forbid a photo of them on that date hits their walls, subsequently dating havoc ensues.

Yes, if you are in the early stages of the dating process and are dining with several potential suitors, then you are probably getting grief from past dates if the news appears on your wall.

Facebook Gives Many Relationship Definitions

So is Facebook a relationship killer?

Apparently this is a hot issue. Problematic enough that the group I spoke to said they’ve had it and are closing down their pages. To them it is not worth it. They can connect with their friends other ways, like text. So it’s not a big deal not having a personal profile.

And on top of that, I’m sure we all know a few people who have caused some relationship woes by changing out their dating status before telling their significant other. I can only imagine some marriages have been affected by photos as well, especially when the spouse is attending an out-of-town convention.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this matter and how you deal with this subject on your wall. How do you relate and keep the green eye monster of jealousy at bay with your significant other?

Is dating now harder because of Facebook?




A New You In 2012

                                                      Lot’s to Celebrate About

I’m Super Excited about 2012. Why? Because of one word “New.”  Throw out everything old and usher in everything New.

Who doesn’t love new things right? Is there anything better than a new car or new house. Or a new dress or a new love or a new baby! New is awesome, don’t you agree. With that, I’ve been spending time looking at what “newness” I can bring to my life and I highly recommend this practice for you too. These aren’t necessarily resolutions, but certainly can be, the choice is up to you.

My “New” Plan includes the following To Do Items.

(1) New Online Branding – With so many social platforms that have my image attached, I’ve been updating each one with a current image of who I am. When I worked in TV, the networks always re-freshed their logos once a year to energize the viewers. Well, the same principle applies here in regards to social photos.

(2) About Me – Several “Blogworld” Conference sessions pointed out that the most overlooked section of our online branding dealt with the “About Us” section of our profiles. Have you read how you are describing yourself on LinkedIn, twitter and Google lately? If not, go back in and do some updating. Let us know about some of your recent hobbies and other such news.

(3) New Job – I’m going to actively pursue a new fulltime corporate job, but, this time I’ve opened my options to include areas that are “new” and will be stretching. I’m so excited to see what transpires as I walk down new paths.

(4) A “New” Attitude – Instead of automatically waiting for the other shoe to drop, I’m going to drink from my half full glass. Yep, I’ve read enough studies lately that prove that individuals who have life-altering events handle them so much better with a positive outlook. Pessimism was so 2011…Optimism is what’s in store for me in 2012.  Here’s what I mean.

  • I will land a new job.
  • I will lose weight.
  • I will continue to exercise.
  • I will continue to take the high road.
  • I will ask for forgiveness and forgive others.
  • I will find love and exude it to others.
  • I will continue to stretch myself and continue to learn new things.

Being Nice To Yourself

(5). I will look for opportunities to “Be Good To Myself.” We are always so hard on ourselves and well, this year, I’m going to be more mindful of what my body and mind are really saying to me and heed that advice. What does this look like? Below are some samples of what I mean.

  • I’ve consolidated my blogs down from four to two now. It was just too hard for me to keep up producing content for each one – so I’m making it easier for myself. And it still is just as effective.
  • I’m reaching out to friends/family whom I cherish and being proactive in staying in touch.
  • I’m looking at groups and clubs in my life and assessing which ones I enjoy and learn from and then spending less time with the others.
  • I’m realizing that life is short and thus, I am not procrastinating on planning things that I want to do.
  • I’m trusting God and putting all worry in His hands. And as such, I’m freeing myself up to enjoy more moments and be the person He wants me to be.

That’s just a quick glance at what “newness” I hope to achieve. I do hope that I’m able to live up to at least half of them…for it sure would be great to enjoy life to its fullest.

I’d love to hear what new things you’re bringing into the “New” Year.

Happy New Year,







How Not Improving Can Help Your Business

Why Mess With a Greatness

Did you happen to catch today’s Wall Street Journal front page feature on paper clips? Yes, I just wrote paper clips.

At first I thought this was an odd, boring choice for a story selection, and I pondered why this premier publication would devote prime real estate to such an ordinary product.  It didn’t take me long, a couple of sentences, to get its point.  I learned that a paper clip is rare because it has withstood its classic design for over 100 years. How many things can you say that about?

This thought led me to further thought about whether we should keep certain things that work well alone and stop slapping “new improved” stickers on just about everything that gets sold or consumed.


I mean we’ve all heard this statement before, if it ain’t broken don’t fix it.

I don’t like that statement – but, in this case it certainly applies. Paper clips are still as relevant today as they were the day they were introduced into the marketplace in 1903. Sure, you can add colors to them or designs or coat them in plastic. But at the end of the day is there any better tool to fix papers without leaving a mark, to un-clog glue bottles or clean under your finger nails in a pinch?

With that being said, are there things about your business or the work that you do that you shouldn’t improve upon because they work well?


Here’s what I would say about my PR business. No matter what new whiz-bang social media tool that comes out, I don’t want to lose personal connection and phone calls. My business success lies in having connections with real people, journalists, and I’ve built up those relationships through the years by having conversations with them over the phone or in-person. That’s really my business secret, my paper clip, if you will and one that I hope to never change.


How to Best Use Google Plus

What do you think about this new communication platform? It is a hit or miss?

In social media circles Google’s new social networking platform Google Plus is the most talked about new shiny toy. With Google Plus, people with gmail email accounts can organize their circle of friends in logical groupings and easily video chat with 10 people or less at the same time.

Many of its functions are similar to Facebook, so early adopters can understand its practical functionality.  For instance, you have status streams of recent posts from your friends on Google + and it easily allows for sharing of photos and video too.

If you haven’t received your invite yet to to Google +, don’t worry you will soon. I’m sure its Google intention to have everyone in the world on their social platform. Just wait, your invitation is forthcoming.

I’ve been experimenting with it over the last few days and I still am not sure of all its bells and whistles. So, with that, I’ve interviewed two social media strategists, Stacey Soleil and Darin McClure, about their views regarding Google Plus and that interview is below.  Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Add Cindy to your Circles


About the Author: Cindy Ronzoni frequently interviews colleagues about the latest new advancements in social media. Today, she tackled Google + with two experts who attend her social media club, Social Media Mastermind of Orange County (SMMOC). If you have a question about a social media tool, just let Cindy know. She’ll try and get an answer for you.


How to Write Killer Blog Content-Timeless Advice from C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis' Advice is Timeless

C.S. Lewis never ceases to amaze me. For those of you who do not know C.S. Lewis, he was a renowned theologian who taught at Oxford and Cambridge Universities and authored more than 30 books in his lifetime, including the children’s Narnia series, Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters.

C.S. Lewis’ work is revered by many around the world. In fact, so much so that his life was portrayed by actor Anthony Hopkins in feature film “Shadowlands,” and his Narnia books such as “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” have been brought to the big screen. However, not only is his work memorable, he lived his life transparently and openly shared his thoughts and struggles through his powerful pen.

His work has had a profound impact in my life and I often re-visit his words when searching for answers about life circumstances. Recently I had such a time when I needed to heed his advice and as such, stumbled upon a jewel in regards to guidelines for creating incredible content.

Whenever I attend social media events, inevitably this one question comes up every time – how do you make content that others want to read? C.S. Lewis provides the answer.

In a letter written to a schoolgirl in America, who had written (at her teacher’s suggestion) to request advice on writing, here’s what he had to say. The letter is from December 14, 1959 and his advice is spot on for the 21st Century.


C.S. Lewis’ 8 Tips for Writing Incredible Blog Content (Source: The Essential C.S. Lewis, edited by Lyle W. Dorsett)

  1. Turn off the radio. (Today that also includes the TV, Pandora, iPod, X-box, etc.)
  2. Read all the good books you can and avoid nearly all magazines. (This one is tough for me.)
  3. Always write (and read) with the ear, not the eye. (Excellent point)
  4. Write about what really interests you, whether it is real things or imaginary things, nothing else.
  5. Take great pains to be clear. Remember that though you start by knowing what you mean, the reader doesn’t, and a single ill-chosen word may lead him to a total misunderstanding. (Brilliant point)
  6. When you give up a bit of work don’t throw it away. Put it in a drawer. It may come in useful later.
  7. Don’t use a typewriter. The noise will destroy your sense of rhythm. (I think he wouldn’t mind the computer keyboards now.)
  8. Be sure you know the meaning of every word you use.

So don’t take it from me on how to write content that gets shared…use these 8 points from the literary master C.S. Lewis. Who if he were alive today, I’m sure would be answering every Facebook and Twitter post personally.  That’s the stand up man he was.

Off to do a bit more reading.




Social Media Day What A Success!

Thank you Orange County Register for hosting a Mashable Social Media Day event.

How did you celebrate  #Mashable’s Social Media Day? I celebrated it with my local social media club, Social Media Mastermind of Orange County (SMMOC) at the Orange County Register. For those of you who know me, you know that I love to support journalists and their publications, therefore, it was a win-win for me to be at the OCRegister.

Kudos to everyone who was involved at this local gathering. Employees at the paper, like Kevin Sablan, did an amazing job of lining up speakers, equipment, parking access and food vendors. The content that was provided was definitely “remark-able” and hopefully, a good time was had by all.


To help give you a flavor of what our day was like, I put some pictures together and produced a short video. The best thing about this day is the fact if you couldn’t make it to any event – you could still participate by following on the dozens of twitter hashtags that cropped up representing social activities throughout the world. It’s now becoming one of my favorite days of the year.



Gray is Never a Safe Area Nor A Marketing Choice

One thing you are never going to hear from a medical doctor is that you’re half-pregnant. A woman is either pregnant or not. There are no other alternatives. It’s black or white, not gray. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t be half-pregnant in regards to business and/or marketing. In fact, in my humble opinion, I feel this diagnosis of late is in epidemic proportions.

How I define half-pregnancy in marketing and business is as such: “Trying to offend anyone or anything by choosing a side, even when a side is presented.” Again, this my definition and is not official.


Half-pregnancy is a common practice in politics. Politicians are always trying to walk a fine line to please all parties. They are very careful when they make “stands” on issues and subjects that they try to make sure that both political parties will agree to some or all of the parts.

It’s this ‘not wanting’ to offend that impregnates the situation. And, that tightrope places that “said” person or thing in the vast and valueless wasteland of the dreaded “gray area.” Whenever you set out to become like Switzerland (slang meaning – not making waves or taking any sides… being neutral), then you are setting yourself up to not gain attention. Its similar to this saying – ‘When a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make noise?’

Taking a stance, side and position is important in making noise. Politicians want to be remembered and not forgotten because their words lacked opinion or substance.  But in this day and age of transparency (being authentic), it’s very easy for people to find out information. If you want to hold the line that you don’t have a particular agenda, they can find out in a matter of seconds if that’s indeed true.

Hello, I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up! Does anyone hear me?- Flickr Credit: Sage

To make this point a bit clearer, let’s look at this hypothetical situation.  Jane Doe is running for State Governor and she says as a female she believes that women should have the right to choose what happens to their own bodies and that birth begins at the moment of conception. She is referring to both the pro-life and pro-choice abortion movements with her professed beliefs.  But, she has regularly attended pro-life rallies and fundraisers as a part of her Catholic parish, as such it would be easy to figure out she leans more toward that cause. Which to me is fine. I am trying to make the point here that is fine to take sides, in fact its beneficial. Be who you are and make stances. Otherwise, the noise you make maybe only heard by you and that’s not a good PR move.


I found this out myself.  Here’s what happened to me. When I entered college I wanted to pursue a career as as sportscaster (don’t laugh too hard). With that, I was able to finagle being the guest on a local radio sports show.  It was my first foray into media and I was nervous, yet excited about the opportunity.  Five minutes into the interview he asked me my opinion about who would win the “freeway series,” between The Los Angeles Dodgers and then the California Angels.  I said something to the effect like “both teams seemed to performed strongly in pre-season” – I was in Switzerland, I gave a valueless “gray answer” and boy I got ripped when we went to the next commercial. The local sportscaster told me if I wanted a future in the business, I needed to have an ‘opinion’ on everything and I had to boldly state it. Otherwise, I would never make it. I needed to take a stance; he was right and that thought has stuck with me ever since.

I also often use this statement that I overheard somewhere…”when throwing a dinner party, it’s best to invite guests of differing opinions. Otherwise, it would make for one boring and long dinner discussion if we all agreed on the same subjects.” I so agree. We all can learn from each other.

So I’m taking a stance against the gray area and half-pregnancy and hope that you will call me out if you see me falling into this common practice. Is this something you have experienced too? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


How Hashtags Improve Tweets

Talking Hashtags with Darin, Lisa and Kate McClure. Photo Credit:@Amykimesdesign

For those of us who are involved in the television industry, the rule of thumb has always been to put titles of TV shows in quotes whenever they are written about in releases or press articles. Therefore, if I was writing a press release about Fox’s hit show “Glee,” I would have it written with the quotes as I did in this sentence.

Yesterday I was looking at my Twitter stream of some of my media colleagues and I noticed that they were not using hashtags properly and in fact, really not using them at all.  For you see, these reporters are tweeting about specific TV shows, but they are putting the titles in quotes when they should be putting a hashtag instead.

Do you know what a Twitter hashtag is and are you using them on a regular basis?

In case you are new to hashtags, here’s how Twitter defines them: The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.


Corporate Media Strategist Darin R. McClure of Ready To Go Information Technologies is often overheard saying that search is not the problem with the Internet, its sorting the information which is the most difficult. He and his wife, Lisa, are advocates of Twitter and both have a in-depth knowledge about Twitter’s multiple uses for companies and users. If you follow their respective Twitter streams (@darinrmcclure, @lisamcclure) you will watch poetry in 140-character action. They are extremely gracious and informative and involved in organizing several high level Twitter chats (full blown regular conversations). I highly recommend you follow them.

I recently was able to catch up with both Darin and Lisa and interview them about the merits of using twitter hashtags.  That interview is below.

[youtube width="960" height="540"][/youtube]


1. People on Twitter use hashtags before relevant keywords to categorize their tweets so that a particular topic shows up more easily in Twitter Search.

2. If you click on a hashtagged word in any message, you will see all other Tweets in that category.

3. The most popular hashtagged words often become trending topics and if your tweet is re-tweeted a lot, it can become the top tweet for that topic.

Can you Over Hashtag? As a general rule of thumb, recommends no more than three hashtags per tweet. Anything over that number is considered  over-tagging and yes, they even call it hashtag spam.


  • When tweeting about topics, use a (#) and not (” “).
  • Don’t start your tweets with an @ symbol. Put some letter or words before it…Like “Hi” and then address the person in the tweet. That way your tweet is open to your entire twitter stream.
  • Check out when wanting to connect with others who are passionate about your same topics.
  • And follow me, Lisa and Darin too. We’d love to continue this hashtag conversation with you!

Special thanks to videographer @jasontucker and photographer @amykimesdesign. Follow them too.

Cindy often uses #PR to sort her tweets.

About the Author: Cindy Ronzoni loves conversations on any platform. As an experienced communicator, Cindy often writes about devices or methods to promote people, places and products. She also is an active member of Orange County, California’s social media endeavors and as such, gets the privilege of rubbing elbows with such astute practicioners as Darin and Lisa McClure. Cindy also frequently writes about small business matters on her company blog at:

If you feel like giving her some +klout support, feel free to put it toward #pr.



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